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 How to respond: There are three ways for Nevadans to complete the census: 

  • 1) Online: visit 
  • 2) Phone: call English: 1-844-330-2020; Spanish: 1-844-468-2020
  • 3) Mail: most Nevadans will receive a census invitation in the mail from March 12-20. For those who have a PO Box or undeliverable mail, the U.S. Census Bureau will attempt to drop a 2020 Census packet at their doorstep.
    • Federal Census workers will begin knocking on doors early May. Nevadan’s who self-respond March 12th - May 1st will not be visited by a federal census worker at their place of residence.

 Two quick ways to help: 

 1) Complete your census!

2) Remind others to do theirs. Post on social media, tell your office, etc.


  • Census IDs are not needed for online/phone response. 

  • Money Back to Community: Nevada could receive more than $20,000 over the next ten years for every person who is counted in the 2020 Census. This funding helps pay for education, affordable housing, healthcare and infrastructure in your city and county.  

  • Fast: It takes about ten minutes to fill out the 2020 Census form. 

  • Easy Demographic Questions: Here is a list of the questions asked: Not asked on the 2020 Census: financial information, citizenship status, and social security numbers. The U.S. Census Bureau will never ask for bank accounts, credit cards, or cash donations.  

  • Confidential: The Census Bureau is required by law to protect your information and may use the data for statistical purposes only.


Nevada Matters. Be Counted! 

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